What can we learn from the book?

 The magical mouse named Fairy is a faithful steward of the woods she lives in, teaching humans how to properly care for nature and acting as a helpful friend to the animals that reside there. One day she meets her friend Pérez, and the two set off on a magical adventure, culminating in the little mouse’s magical transformation into the Tooth Fairy. End-note for English-language readers: In Spanish speaking countries, it is not the Tooth Fairy who takes your tooth and leaves a small coin or gift behind, but a little mouse, “Ratoncito Pérez”. Therefore, Fairy’s transformation into a Tooth Fairy who can serve alongside Pérez provides an alternative, female role model for young readers and a model of how mice (and people!) from different cultures can work together and learn from one another .

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Claudia Massotto

Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), now a Spanish citizen. Trained as a puppeteer by masters like Ariel Bufano and Daniel Spinelli (Teatro San Martín de Buenos Aires, Argentina). Director of Arte Fusión Títeres, with three decades of experience and world tours throughout Spain, Europe, and Latin America. She is also the author of more than 20 works. Claudia has participated in international festivals in some twenty countries. She has also worked in film (three feature films in Spain and Argentina), television (twenty programs), and advertising (thirty commercials), as well as for companies specialized in children’s programming, like Nickelodeon, Disney, and Universal Studios. She has also worked with NGOS such as UNICEF, Save the Children, and Rescate. Claudia has taught puppeteering courses at universities, teachers’ centers, and in programs to train new puppeteers. She has won various awards and theater art competitions, including the Primera Bienal Iberoamericana de Arte Joven.
Site Group: Arte Fusión Títeres

Nicolás Pellizzetti

Graphic designer, specialized in 3D and motion graphics, born in Buenos Aires, now an Italian citizen. Nicolás has worked as a creative director at top advertising agencies. He brings his great sense of creativity to every audiovisual project he works on, this book being one example.
Personal website: Nicoloreandoart

Carmela Sainz De Baranda

A professional in the audiovisual sector, born in Albacete (Spain) and educated in the United States. Carmela has worked on more than four hundred projects. She has notably written two feature films, and worked on various movies. Her collaboration has been essential for this project to become a reality, above all, because she firmly believed in the great value of this tale
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Liza Tripp

Has been a translator of Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese into English for over 15 years. She resides in Centerport, NY with her husband Noel, their three daughters Lorelei, Ariel, and Matilda, and their mischievous Airedale Terrier Clementine.
She can be found at: lizzatripp.com

Rosana Valia

Her friends just call her Ro. She is in charge of marketing and distribution of the projects for the publishers of Arte Fusión Títeres. Her professional career is mainly based on educacional and solidarity values. She lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Please visit the following link to have additional information about her career:.
She can be found at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosana-irene-valia-ba66544a/

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